Take Heart

Christian Courage in the Age of Unbelief

Matt Chandler

How to look around positively and reach out confidently in an increasingly post-Christian culture.


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Christendom is dead. But maybe that’s a good thing...

The Christian culture that has underpinned Western society for centuries has been eroded. We're now at the point where to disagree with people on issues such as marriage and sexuality, is seen as hateful. Christians are no longer seen as honorable, but as bigots. But history testifies that the more people try to destroy Christianity, the more it grows. So we are entering an exciting period of time because we’re back in the place where Christ’s church can thrive - at the margins of society.

In this stirring, passionate book, Matt Chandler shows us we need Christian courage like never before, and how to live with compassion and conviction, able to look around positively and reach out confidently.

It encourages us not to be thwarted by fear, but to depend on God and have confidence that Christ will build his church, despite continual marginalization. A must-read for any Christian who wants to understand how to stand firm and walk forwards in an increasingly secular culture.

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  • 1. Which C?
  • 2. How We Got to Where We Are
  • 3. Finding Courage: The God We Look To
  • 4. Finding Courage: The Story We Live In
  • 5. Finding Courage: The Ground We Stand On
  • 6. The Surprising Place We Display Our Courage
  • 7. The Call

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Author Matt Chandler
ISBN 9781784983161
Format Paperback
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 6mm
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher The Good Book Company

This is a much-needed reminder that gospel Christianity thrives when it is out of power, and that Christian courage comes from trusting not in cultural power but in God’s power and grace.

Timothy Keller

Founding Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan; author of Making Sense of God

Fearing, agonizing, retreating, embracing. These are a few of the responses we see and might be experiencing in a ‘post-Christian’ culture. Chandler knows how many of us feel in our current cultural moment in the West. Through biblical truth, Chandler helps redirect our eyes to the One who can strengthen and encourage us so we might have courage.

Trillia Newbell

Author of God’s Very Good Idea and Enjoy

This is a deeply encouraging book. I mean that literally: it brings courage to the reader. It is also enjoyably punchy, readably short, practically wise and pastorally insightful, with a warmth and winsomeness that books on this subject sometimes lack. Get hold of a copy, and be en-courage-d.

Andrew Wilson

Teaching Pastor, Kings Church London; author, The Life We Never Expected

Independent reviews

If you are struggling this book will give you hope,

Alistair Chalmers, That Happy Certainty

This is a very helpful quick read that puts our culture in its context, helps us understand church history and gives practical insights into how to live as a Christian in a world that is trying to fight Christianity and forget about God... continue reading

This is a solid, biblical, encouraging reminder to ‘take heart, have courage’

Thomas Creedy, Thomas Creedy

Whilst the authors of this book are American, this is a book for the whole of the church in the West. This is a good book for the time we find ourselves in.... continue reading

A small book that packs an enormous punch and is just so encouraging.

David Robertson, The Wee Flea

Matt Chandler has something to say to the whole church. Take Heart is small, but has depth and power. Highly recommended for any Christian.... continue reading

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